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Our journey


It is on the ground we move, that's where you record memories, memories of places that still retain their essence.

In the past, we had unforgettable experiences and we are increasing our ability to realize that the journey is a discovery when it becomes unique. Our will has led us to places we did not know. We trace routes and we get on the road to discover and rediscover a deep Portugal, a Europe that does not resemble the common memory, a new and unknown Africa. We rediscover ourselves....we grow.

With the continuous growth of our experience, we realized that "What matters is the journey, but also the destination."

On the ground. To go, and to stay...and to return...

As this passion is still strong, we decided to share these experiences, returning to the field and recreating the very best memories we experienced in the past. Create unique experiences, where the "Go" and the "Stay", are inseparable from the "Arrive" and the "Living". Where to "Go" means something new. Where to "Stay" means no worries. Our journeys are born from our own experience, from our own memories, from us.



So many times we had the feeling that something was missing in that "picture",
so many times we had the feeling that no matter how many times we would share the moment, the same moment would end there,
so many times we wanted to be "fully there" but part of us was not
so many were the times that a mixture of wanting to go and having to stay would contradict themselves,
so many were the times that we doubt our ability ...
If there are situations where sharing increases the pleasure, travelling is one of them;
To be able to discover together with the people that are closest to us;
To be able to register to later rediscover and re-live every moment is fantastic.
How many times we were about to go but....
How many times we think we are able to do it but the car / bike is not made for this kind of trail.

How often fears won our adventurous spirit...

Go&Stay was born of all natural doubts and contradictory wills that each of us experiences when it comes to embracing something new. We work so that all family members have their space in our routes so that all paths are safe and accessible for SUV's and Trail's, so all drivers are much more than simple conductors.